Toast on the moon

The Americans are planning to go back to the moon.

Actually I think this is a good idea; technology often needs big challenges to drive it forward and the resulting developments often advantage the rest of us mere mortals.

Technology is great, you see. If it wasn’t for technology I’d have to burn my toast manually instead of having a machine to do it.

But maybe one of those technologists could take time out from their moon missions to explain to me why it is that a standard toaster does not have slots big enough for a standard slice of bread? Is it one of those pesky inches vs millimeters metric conversion problems? Is it a uniquely UK problem?

So I have a brand new toaster from a well known supermarket (where “every little helps”), and a standard thick sliced loaf from the same store, and I either have to cut off the crusts to get the slices into the toaster or squash them in whole (which means prodding and poking the hot toast to get it out again).

Which brings me to my conclusion: man must not only set off for the moon – and onwards to Mars – but he must develop the tools for making toast in space in the hope that the benefits trickle down to my breakfast table.

And while he’s at it, a non-dribble teapot would be great, too.

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