Raising money for charity

Sometimes you have a great idea for a website, if only you could find the right web domain for it. Other times you come up with a great name for a website and all you need is something to put on it.

I’m a Lion. That is, I’m a member of Lions International, the community service charity, and specifically a member of the Peterborough (UK) Lions Club.

The name I came up with, shortly before Christmas, was “Lions’ Share”. The concept that followed it was simple enough: create a web “portal” (I hate that word) where supporters of the charity could find a wide range of online shopping sites, and where if anyone shopped at them having started at Lions’ Share then the charity (Lions) would receive a commission (Share) from the purchase.

And thus was born lions-share.org.uk. It’s still in its early days but it’s functional and the list of merchants is growing – there are plenty to choose from already!


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